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At Mattress Disposal Guys, you will get all kinds of services from mattresses disposal, mattress recycling to mattress removal at a price you cannot refuse. To start with, it is important to upgrade your mattress to a better one. Remember you spend approximately a third of your life on bed, therefore you need to have a quality mattress. Disposing of your old mattress so as to acquire a new one is a step towards enjoying quality time in your bed. An old mattress is usually the cause for the constant back pain you experience. You may opt to donate the old mattress and get yourself a new mattress.


Low cost services

There could be an old mattress eating up space at the attic or basement of your house and which you might never use anyway. You can entrust our experts to haul it out wherever you have kept it without tampering with the floor or walls of the house. Our experts are highly skilled in the removal of the mattress together with the bed frame and so you can rest assured there will be no damage inflicted to the environment. Mattresses could be heavy and be a nuisance to you especially if dumped in the curb where your neighbors can see it. Call us on 888-240-1182 and learn how our technicians will effectively, efficiently and safely carry out mattress removal. mattress disposal as well as mattress recycling at a minimal cost for you.


Custom mattress removal Services

At Mattress Disposal Guys, our mattress removal services are customized to suit your circumstances. We provide special services so that at any time of the week, our experts will haul your old mattress from the attic, basement or whichever place it may be gathering dust. This way, you will be relieved of more space in the respective places so that you can put them into other use. Our experts will haul them no matter the weight, including the bed frame so that they can be disposed of in a way that will not harm the environment. Sometimes you do not want to dispose the mattress but to recycle them. The materials that make up mattresses-foam, wood and springs cannot just be dumped into a landfill. There are many charity organizations that will need the materials. Once we carry out the mattress temoval, we will recycle the old materials and donate them to charity so that such organizations from materials that could have ended up in a land fill.

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Mattress Disposal

We extend our work to make sure you enjoy:

* Service

The quality of serviced you will get from our experts is simply superb. No messy removal of your mattress, use of swears words or intoxicated technicians at your premises. If such a thing ever happens, we will keep our word and offer you free service as compensation for such unbecoming behavior.

* Removal

Removing old mattress will be carried out effectively and safely as per our job mandate. Whether your mattress is in the attic or basement, our staff will go all the way to ensure that is removed. Our team of technicians will haul any weight of mattress from your premises with ease.

* Recycling

It is not everything in your old mattress that is waste. This means there is such a thing as mattress recycling so that parts such as metal springs and form and be used for other purposes.

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